Top Needs:  cash, notebook paper, copy paper, spiral notebooks, #2 pencils, glue and glue sticks

Animal Care Supplies:  cages, travel carrier, food dishes, water bottles, aquarium, cedar chips, and litter

Arts & Crafts Supplies:  marbles, paints, paint brushers, balloons, pipe cleaners, yarn, felt, tongue depressors, wooden stirrers, clothes pins, stencils, sponges, drawing pens, craft tools, stickers

Audio Visual Supplies:  cameras, radios, video camcorders, 35mm cameras, and disposable cameras

Career & Social Studies:  globes, flags, posters, uniforms, medical instruments, props, costumes, hats, picture frames, certificates

Outdoor & Gardening Supplies:  soil, pots, trays, seeds, plants, gardening tools, athletic/sport equipment, stop watches, compasses

Office Equipment:  storage cabinets, file cabinets, bookcases, chalkboards, white boards, bulletin boards, paper cutters, hole punchers, podium, easels

Office Supplies:  staplers, staples, paper clips. rubber bands, file folders, manila envelopes, business envelopes, liquid paper, page protector sheets, notebook binders, pocket folders, rulers, yardsticks, tape measures, scissors, calculators, protractors, clipboards, rubber stamps, stamp pads.

Tapes & Dispensers: cellphone, double-face, masking, duct, magnetic, binding, packing tapes

Paper supplies:  plain & lined, computer, copy, construction, contact, tracing, tissue, litmus, graph, chat, wallpaper, note pads, obsolete business cards, envelopes, flash cards, flip charts, index cards, poster board, pictures, posters, Zip-Lock bags, Kleenex, Handy Wipes, hand sanitizer, paper toweling

Reading Supplies:  children’s books and magazines, decorating, “how-to” puzzles, games, playing cards

Sewing Supplies:  felt fabric, poly fiberfill, buttons, yarn, trims, scissors

Storage & Organizing Containers:  crates, boxes, containers with lids, shoeboxes, file boxes, toolbox

Writing Supplies:  pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, color washable & permanent markers, color pencils, crayons, highlighters, red pens and pencils, gel pens, writing pads, envelopes, stationery, notepads, note cards, blank journals, greeting cards, Post-It notes

**This is only a sampling of supplies used by our teachers.  we accept a single item or truck load of donated items.**

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