Back to School Teachers Store is operated totally by volunteers. Our volunteers work in a fun and relaxed retail store setting. They keep BTSTS running on a daily basis by receiving and sorting donations, by stocking the shelves, by arranging displays and by helping the teachers with their shopping.

We love our volunteers! We are thankful for each person who who gives their time to help BTSTS. That’s why we welcome you to volunteer as it fits into your life. Come as often as you’re able, or just once in a while. Bring a friend or come by yourself. We can accommodate large volunteer groups with advance notice, so we welcome service clubs and civic organizations. We welcome volunteers of all ability levels, and can find a fun, rewarding task for just about anyone!

Teachers outside of Delaware County are invited to participate in our Volunteer to Shop program in order to earn up to four shopping trips each calendar year. We require just seven hours of service to earn each trip. Those hours may be divided across multiple volunteers and multiple days. Just be sure to check the Volunteer to Shop option on the sign-up form!

Please fill out our volunteer form to get started!