The Ugly Truth About End-of-Year Teacher Gifts

The school year is winding down. For a lot of folks, that means it’s time to think about the end-of-year gift for your kids’ amazing teachers. At Back to School Teachers Store, we know what it’s like to want to show your gratitude to a spectacular teacher. So we scoured the Internet looking for helpful advice about end-of-year gifts, and found this stellar article from the popular blog “Rants from Mommyland.” It’s a great list of the things teachers really want — and really DON’T want.

Spoiler alert: Lay off of Pinterest. Please.

teacher_mugWhat the article boils down to is simple. Teachers don’t need more mugs, scented lotions or candles. What they really want is a simple note expressing the ways they’ve made a difference in your child’s life. The blog recommends including a gift card to a store where they might get school supplies they need for their classroom.

While that’s a great idea, we have another suggestion. Instead of including a gift card, why not get together with other parents from your child’s class and make a donation in the teacher’s honor to Back to School Teachers Store? When you donate to our Honor a Teacher program, not only will you be expressing your gratitude to an amazing teacher, you’ll be investing in a resource that every teacher in Delaware County can use!

Every single K-12 teacher, counselor and librarian at any public, private or charter school in Delaware County is eligible to shop at Back to School Teachers Store TEN TIMES each year, getting what they need for their classroom completely for free. What an excellent way to help your child say “thanks” to a very special teacher!

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