Shopping Policies for Eligible Schools

The Board of Directors has established the following shopping policies.

  1. Teachers must be a full-time, certified teacher with their own classroom at either a Muncie/Delaware County school or a federally funded Head Start program.
  2. Teachers can shop ten (10) times per school year.
  3. Instructional assistants, Interns, Tutors, Visiting Teachers, University Teachers, Counselors, Librarians, Custodians, Office and Cafeteria staff are not eligible to shop.
  4. Aides, student teachers and assistant teachers may shop with their assigned classroom teacher.
  5. Teachers not eligible can earn a shopping trip by participating in our Volunteer to Shop or Volunteer for a Teacher programs.
  6. All teachers will register with volunteer at the check-in desk.
  7. A photo ID, such as school ID or driver’s license is required to shop.
  8. Because space is limited, please do not bring shopping companion, children or pets into the store.
  9. Please respect what is free and take only quantities to meet your current needs and observe the limits placed on some items.
  10. All items taken are for school use only. Everything taken must be used for the benefit of your students.
  11. We ask that you and your students write thank you notes to business donors. These notes will help keep our shelves filled with donations.
  12. We request that teachers complete an evaluation at end of school year.

Volunteer to Shop Program
Volunteer for 8 hours at the Back To School Teacher’s Store and shop the same day. You may participate in this program as often as you wish.

Volunteer for a Teacher Program
You can call to schedule a representative to volunteer 8 hours. After the volunteer hours have been completed, you will receive a shopping certificate.

Shopping Days & Times
Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday      10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Donation Days & Times
Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday      10:00 am – 5:00 pm