Accepted Donations:
Core Items
  • Pencils (#2 yellow pencils), mechanical pencils and pens (black, blue and red)
  • Wedge erasers
  • Poster board (tri-fold)
  • Filler paper – 100 count (wide rule/college rule)
  • Spiral notebooks and composition notebooks (wide/college rule)
  • New or used binders – all sizes (used binders need to be in excellent condition)
  • Reams of white or colored copy paper (traditional and card stock)
  • Dry erase markers
  • Pocket folders – all colors (most requested: green, red, blue, purple and yellow)
  • Manilla office folders (letter size) and hanging folders
  • Liquid glue and glue sticks
  • Colored pencils
  • Scissors: adult and child’s blunt and pointed
  • Markers – all types/colors (most requested: highlighters and black Sharpies)
  • Crayons – box of 24 and 48 count
  • Calculators (everyday, scientific and graphing)
  • Planners: teacher’s class prep planners/grade book; student’s day planners
  • Office supplies: index cards, sticky notes, tape, staples/staplers, electric pencil sharpeners
  • Cleaning supplies: hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, plastic baggies, spray bottles, tissues
  • Art supplies: art brushes, art paper, construction paper, art paint, modeling clay, mat board
  • Sports and fitness: kickballs, basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, jump ropes
  • Classroom furniture/accessories: desks, tables, chairs, bookshelves, bulletin boards, posters
  • Curriculum: all subjects – books, workbooks, hands-on manipulatives (no older than 5 years)
  • Books: readers, picture books classroom set, oversized, reference (no older than 5 years)
  • Math and science: all subjects – classroom tools and kits (in good shape and clean)
  • Board games and puzzles (in good shape with all pieces)
Accepted Recyclable Donations for STEM or STEAM Projects
  • Coffee cans w/ lids, cleaned
  • Plastic milk jugs and water jugs w/ lids, rinsed
  • Plastic water bottles w/ lids, emptied
  • Round cardboard oatmeal containers w/ lids, emptied
  • Cardboard paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls and cardboard tubes
  • Cardboard boxes, shoe boxes and tissue boxes, emptied
  • Egg cartons, emptied
  • Styrofoam peanuts and blocks, clean
  • Plastic bubble wrap
Items NOT Accepted:
  • Medicine and pill bottles
  • Detergent bottles
  • Ink cartridges
  • Used batteries
  • Food and food waste; food containers w/ food residue inside; peanut butter/nut containers
  • Household trash, household sharps and hazardous material
  • Household appliances
  • Broken furniture including chairs, tables, desks, and bookshelves
  • Furniture and toys for babies and toddlers; broken toys (all ages)
  • Maternity items
  • Pet items including aquariums, cages, pet beds, food, and toys
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