What We Do
Teachers in Delaware County shop for FREE at Back to School Teachers Store for much-needed classroom resources and supplies.

Back to School Teachers Store takes the things that individuals, businesses or organizations in our community can no longer use, and gets those items into the hands of teachers throughout Delaware County. Teachers can find a creative use for almost anything, so we encourage you to think of Back to School Teachers Store first when you’re clearing out the things you don’t need anymore. If teachers can’t use them, we’ll find a home for your items with another nonprofit organization in Muncie.

Our Mission
To provide children and classrooms in Delaware County schools the basic tools for learning by transferring, at no cost, the community’s surplus supplies and merchandise into the hands of teachers and school children in need.

Our Purpose
To serve the educational needs of needy children in Delaware County by providing a transfer of donated merchandise from businesses and individuals to teachers at no cost for use in their classrooms and schools. Back to School Teachers Store is a free source of supplies for teachers. Back to School Teachers Store is not only a free store for teachers, but also a place of support and inspiration for those who have dedicated their lives to educating children. When teachers see the variety of donated products on the shelves, they realize that it is because businesses and volunteers value their work in educating our children. This program impacts positive change to the education of children in our community.

Who We Serve
Teachers from preschools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools, as well as instructors with community programs that educate children from low income families can qualify to shop at Back To School Teachers Store. Instructional assistants, librarians and counselors at eligible schools may also shop.

How Schools Qualify
Teachers in Delaware County schools with an assigned classroom are eligible to shop ten times a year for free classroom supplies from Back To School Teachers Store.

  • Cowan Community Schools
  • Daleville Community Schools
  • Delaware Community Schools
  • Liberty Perry Township Schools
  • Wes Del Community Schools
  • Muncie Community Schools
  • Yorktown Community Schools
  • Inspire Academy
  • Delaware Christian Academy
  • St. Mary’s & Pope John Paul II
  • St. Lawrence
  • Heritage Hall


  • A Better Way
  • Beyond I Can
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Buley Center
  • Guiding Light
  • Head Start
  • Huffer Center
  • Motivate Our Minds
  • Youth Opportunity Center
  • Ross Community Center, Inc.